Bryce Dallas Howard: “She made a mistake”

Bryce Dallas Howard returns as Claire Dearing in “Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom”. The catastrophic events of part one have irrevocably changed her character.

“In ‘Jurassic World’, Claire has a very clear development arc,” says Bryce Dallas Howard. “You see who she is to the outside, but you don't know who she is on the inside. But at the end of the first movie, you know what really made this person, and you can clearly see who they are”. While Owen (Chris Pratt) has retreated into a life of loneliness, Claire has done the very opposite – she has founded the Dinosaur Protection Group (DPG) whose job it is to save the dinosaurs left on Isla Nublar. “She is still struggling with the fact that she is responsible for everything that happened,” Howard continues. “She made a mistake that she could never take back because she was involved in the emergence of the Indominus Rex. She was responsible for that. Now the world is a different place because of her deeds. She opened Pandora’s Box and can never close it again. Claire now wants to be on the right side of history at all costs. That’s her objective and her mission.”