Elyas M’Barek: «I’ll Put That in the Movie!»

In the German judicial drama «The Collini Case», which is based on a book by Ferdinand von Schirach, «Fack ju Göhte» star Elyas M’Barek is an inexperienced public defender assigned as the court-appointed lawyer of a murderer.

When preparing for the role, lead actor Elyas M’Barek met with the novelist Ferdinand von Schirach to talk in detail about the book, the film adaptation and the main character: «That night Ferdinand gave me his cigarette case», says M’Barek, «and I thought to myself: «I’ll put that in the movie!» In fact, there are now some scenes in which I use this leather case, including a sequence in which I offer the murderer a cigarette – a little gimmick that we’ve inserted into the film». Ferdinand von Schirach was also convinced at first sight that «Fack ju Goehte» star M’Barek was right for the role, and saw the cinematic opportunities straight away. In addition, he was enthusiastic about the prospect of his ideas reaching an audience beyond readers of his novel.