Jessica Chastain: "I Like Her Humour and Her Intelligence"

In "Molly's Game", Jessica Chastain shines as a young woman who hosts the most spectacular poker games in the US, gets caught by the FBI and stays true to her moral principles.

For Jessica Chastain, the involvement of screenwriter and directorial debutant Aaron Sorkins was a decisive plus: "He is one of our best writers, if not the best writer in the American film industry. I liked Molly's humour, her intelligence, the underdog story of a woman who succeeds in a male domain. And I also liked the real Molly Bloom". Chastain also loved the costumes she was allowed to wear in the film: "Costumes, hairstyles and make-up are very important to me in every film to create the developmental curve of a character from start to finish. Here I wanted to show how Molly understands that in this milieu, she can only exert power with a certain appearance. And that men valued women for their sexuality, not for their intellect. I wanted to understand this transformation with her."