Sally Hawkins: "It's the Ultimate Fairytale"

In the brilliant adult fairy tale "The Shape of Water" by "Pan's Labyrinth" maker Guillermo del Toro, Sally Hawkins (the mother from "Paddington 1 & 2") befriends a mysterious monster in 1960s America.

Sally Hawkins knew instinctively that she would not get a second chance at a role like this: "It's rare that you get a role in which you really have to give everything," says Hawkins. "It is a question of full expressiveness, one which is also done without words. It's rather that you have the freedom to express yourself through your eyes, breath and body. That's Elisa." Reading the screenplay for the first time also aroused fears in Hawkins: "The story was so moving. She was kind of familiar to me, and yet she was different from everything that had come before. I felt that Elisa in deep inside me; like if I had known her in another life. It's the ultimate romantic fairytale. And I was convinced at first that Guillermo had hired the wrong person for the role. This is the kind of romantic lead role that I never thought I would have. In that sense it was a dream gift for me".

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