Why the “John Wick” Series Is So Successful

For stunt coordinator and director Chad Stahelski, much of the success of series of “John Wick” action films is based on the elaborate stunt sequences – and on lead actor Keanu Reeves, of course.

As usual, the third “John Wick” chapter also bowed to legends of cinema history, from a wink in the direction of Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky to visual references from “Lawrence of Arabia”. For “John Wick 3” director Chad Stahelski, there is nothing more exciting than the sheer human spectacle of a man fighting back against a whole bunch of attacks: “Why do people love kung fu movies, spaghetti westerns, a car chase with Steve McQueen or Charles Bronson when he swings an axe, or the eighties action of ‘Die Hard’? I think it’s because stunts that feel real but you’ve never seen before are more exciting than anything else,” says Stahelski. “People really feel spoken to by stories told through action. That’s what our John Wick team is committed to and what we’re always trying to do even better.”