Zurich Film Festival

ZFF: Winner of the 5th International Film Music Competition

Spanish composer Javier Bayon is the winner of the 5th International Film Music Competition – which also saw the film music of John Williams being performed.

Bayon received the CHF 10,000 Golden Eye prize for the best international film music of 2016. A special mention went to the Romanian composer Lucian Zbarcea. In a first round, five soundtracks were selected by an international jury out of a total of 202 entries (previous year: 137) by composers from 43 countries (previous year: 28). The central task was the selection of a score for the six-minute animated short film “An Object at Rest.” This was shown five times in a row – each time with a different score – before the winner was chosen. For the five finalists, there was already a great deal of satisfaction, due to the fact that their compositions were played for the first time by a large symphony orchestra.

The subsequent film music concert was called “A Tribute to John Williams” as a tribute to the major US film composer and five-time Oscar winner. With well over 100 soundtracks, Williams is one of the most internationally successful film composers. His soundtracks for “Jurassic Park,” “Jaws” “E.T.” and “Superman” were very popular with audiences, and even included a standing ovation for the Zurich Symphony Orchestra. A striking experience and the best proof that even on top of top films like “Snowden,” “La La Land” and the opening film “Lion,” ZFF has a lot to offer.