1-roll-NEUNEU.png 2-swaytwist.png  3-pitch.png 4-heave.png 5-backshaker.png 6-bottomshaker.png 7-scents.png 8-faceair.png 9-airshots.png 10-rain.png 11-rainstorm.png 12-backtickler.png 13-bottomtickler.png 14-warmair.png 15-water.png 16-wind.png 17-snow.png 18-lightning.png 19-fog.png 20-bubbles.png



Just watching is old hat. Starting mid December 2017 you will be able to experience the blockbuster's Special Effects first hand and with all five senses - in the new 4DX cinema at the KITAG CINEMAS Abaton in Zurich. The new technology allows you to experience storms, smoky explosions, battle scenes, chases, moguls or fragrant flowering meadows in an unprecedented intensity as if you were in midst of the action.


Standard 29.50
Carte Bleue 24.50
Students/KulturLegi 26.50
Young adults aged from 13 to 20 26.50
Children aged 12 and under 24.50
3D films, surcharge 2.00
3D glasses, surcharge 4.00

Safety guidelines for 4DX