Please note that the Ciné Card, introduced in 1995, was discontinued when this new website was launched on 11 November 2014 and is no longer compatible with our system.

As a replacement for your Ciné Card, we would therefore like to offer you our new cinema card, the Carte Bleue, free of charge (including subscription fee for one year worth CHF 20), which offers you even more benefits compared to the Ciné Card.

You can exchange the Ciné Card for the Carte Bleue with immediate effect and free of charge at any KITAG CINEMAS box office. The remaining credit on the Ciné Card will be automatically transferred to the new Carte Bleue, and the new Carte Bleue will be automatically added to your existing kitag account (provided the Ciné Card has been registered online on

The Carte Bleue with an activated subscription will enable your admission to all regular showings in kitag cinemas and all KITAG CINEMAS previews at a discounted price of CHF 13 per ticket for up to 10 persons. Each ticket for a 3D showing is subject to an additional charge of CHF 2. Seats with add-on services are excluded from the discount.

With the Carte Bleue (with an activated subscription), you can also purchase or reserve tickets via the Carte Bleue app using an iPhone/iPad.

The annual fee is not renewed automatically and its renewal is therefore voluntary. If the annual fee is not renewed after expiry, tickets may still be purchased with the Carte Bleue, but at the normal prices.

We are convinced that the Carte Bleue will enable you to obtain additional valuable services. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

We wish you many more enjoyable cinema trips and look forward to your next visit to one of our cinemas.